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Carole Lynne

"The knowledge I have gained through life experience along with my dedication to music has enabled me to become an accomplished instructor in the field of piano teaching...
Students ultimately gain confidence and advanced skills while preparing and
participating in the recital."
-Ms. Carole
Now Offering Virtual Lessons!
Call (609) 658-0448 or Email:

     Ms. Carole is an instructor who thoroughly enjoys piano teaching and is in business full time. Her vast experience reflects itself always in her students' success. During Ms. Carole's career, she has been recruited to teach in universities, music schools, and conservatories. She continues to enjoy teaching in her private studio in Bordentown, NJ. Ms. Carole’s curriculum is designed to teach basic reading and writing of notes, progressing to classical music, keyboard harmony, and fake book reading.

     Students enjoy music most when they begin to experience a sense of accomplishment while working through repertoire, especially when chosen by themselves. It becomes a great inspiration for them to choose their own music.

     Ms. Carole has one to two recitals per year for students to look forward to and enjoy.  These recitals include having a professional band perform while guests are enjoying dinner. Students are often encouraged and trained to perform with the band, only if they choose. Recitals are an important part of the overall program.

     In addition, Ms. Carole teaches students how to accompany themselves while singing. Students have the freedom to choose any style of music, from original compositions, pop music, jazz and blues.

     Ms. Carole feels it is important to create an environment in the studio which promotes creativity, individuality, and a love for music. At the same time, Ms. Carole expects students to be responsible with practice time at home and to take their lessons seriously.

For more information about prices or availability, please call

609 658 0448

or email Ms. Carole at

Main subjects: piano, theory, and keyboard harmony (beginner to advanced)

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